RS232 Shield Question: Can use both RS232 and Arduino USB at same time?

userHead Account cancelled 2021-01-18 05:26:52 484 Views1 Replies
Hi everyone --

I have an old computer controller with a RS232 interface. It'd like to take signals from it and emulate a keyboard over USB. My idea is use the RS232 shield and an Arduino Leonardo.

But, based on some language on the shield's product page, it sounds like you can only use the serial port over the shield or over the Arduino's onboard USB. Is this true? Or can I have a serial input connection (the RS232 shield) and an output serial connection (the build in USB) running on the Arduino at the same time?

thanks for any advice.

2021-01-18 08:30:31 I think you may need to use the SoftSerial library, this library can simulate the Arduino pin into the TX or RX of the serial port, which may help you userHeadPic 347945801