A02YYUW Temperature Compensation

userHead drsmail 2021-01-24 02:59:20 574 Views2 Replies
The speed of sound varies over the specified operation temperature range by +- 6%. Since there is no temperature compensation in the A02YYUW, the accuracy is also at least +- 6%.
I would like to calculate a temperature correction in line with my temperature measurement. For that I need to know the speed of sound that A02YYUW is using internally to calculate:
distance = speed * lapsed time.

Does anybody know this internally-used constant value for the speed of sound?
Thank you in advance.
2021-01-28 21:30:46 Thank you for the info! That helps.
348 m/s is the speed of sound at an air temperatur of 28°C. So I will use it in summer ;-)
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2021-01-26 10:13:57 The speed of sound that A02YYUW is 348m/s,I hope that will help you. userHeadPic 347945801