Smallest shield that can run 8-10 servos robotics

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Hello I am in the process of designing a robot that will use blockly to program it. It will have an oled, mp3 player, neo pixel eyes, two walking legs, two grasping arms, speakers, and small. I have have already designed it for two cpus. One for a tokymaker, and one is for an ardunio nano. Both have thier limits and room on the expansion boards. Does DFrobot have a shield that give me room for 8-10 servos along with the other devices I mentioned above? My limited knowledge only lets me know that I have to use a PCA9586 module attachment to get more room on the ardunio. The people at Tokymaker tell me I have to use thier designed motor shield. I would love to keep this robot small and personal. If there was a smaller footprint attachment like the PCA but with only 6 instead of 16 pin holders it would give me what I am looking for. I design robots for a hobby and I chose to use Blockly because it uses the graphical interface which I like. I don't like syntax and if that was all there was I would stop building and designing robots.
The robot is designed, printed and working with 6 servos. I would like more to operate more features in the future.

2021-02-03 18:41:58 You can see if DFR0012 meets your needs. I think Mind+ should be suitable for you. It is also graphical programming, and it is not only suitable for DFRobot products, but also for other companies' products. userHeadPic 347945801