Windows hello on external camera

userHead Account cancelled 2021-02-06 00:00:23 1867 Views1 Replies
Hi, i have a Surface Laptop 3 that i have connected to an external monitor using USB-C (on both ends). The monitor is a Philips Brilliance 499P and it has a built in camera that is Windows Hello Compatible.

The problem is that i am not able to set the built in camera as default for Windows Hello when i am connected to the monitor. The camera is accessible when i use Teams, Camera app etc. but i have to use the laptop camera when i need to log in via Windows Hello which is quite annoying.

I have found a couple of guides telling me to go to Devices and Printers, locate the camera there and set it as default. I find the camera there, but there is no option to set it as default. Another tips i have found is disabling the Surface Laptop camera, but this means i would have to reenable it when i disconnect the laptop from the external monitor so that is no good either.

So, does anyone else have the same issue, and even better, anyone have a solution for this? I have run all windows updated, and i have also installed the latest drivers for the monitor.
2021-02-07 14:09:38 Hi briellaiella6, you can resolve Windows hello on the external camera through various methods. You can do it by uninstalling the camera driver and reboot. To do that you need to go for the Run window, tap Windows key+R and write “devmgmt.msc” before hitting Enter. You will see that the Device Manager utility will pop up so just extract the option that says system devices and right-click and the option that says Uninstall Surface Camera Windows Hello. In the end, just Reboot the PC. Find much more from this site. If this doesn't work then you can Reinstall Webcam in the device manager. This can be done by tapping Windows key+R to open Run window. Then to open the utility, write or copy-paste this code devmgmt.msc before you tap Enter. You will see that Device Manager window will show so here extract the option of Cameras” to see the camera devices that are accessible. Press the option of “Integrated Webcam” and tap on Uninstall. In the end just press on Action and then tap on Scan for hardware changes. userHeadPic sarwarshaib216