SEN0019 and SEN0164 infrared sensors

userHead Account cancelled 2021-02-10 04:49:56 537 Views1 Replies
Planning to use (1pc)SEN0019 and (3pcs)SEN0164 to an Arduino MEGA 2560.
In this case, an external 10k resistor should be wired for each sensor?

In the sample code on the link below, is the "INPUT_PULLUP" setting only be used if there is no external 10k resistor wired to the sensor? ... 4#target_2
2021-02-19 13:42:12 The principles of these two sensors are similar, the pull-up resistor will affect their measuring distance, you can add them appropriately according to your needs. When there is no pull-up resistor, use "INPUT_PULLUP" userHeadPic 347945801