DFR0535 Solar Management - can I exceed 1.5A output very momentarily?

userHead Account cancelled 2021-06-13 01:40:22 395 Views0 Replies
My project will use an ESP32 and a LTE-M module (botletics shield or sparkfun shield)

Both LTE-M shields have their own 3.7V lipo connector with charge circuit, however no solar capability hence why I am considering the DFR0535. The shields recommend if not powering them from a Lipo that your supply be capable of supplying 3A, even though the average current is 10mA or lower, because during Rx/Tx there are significant but brief current spikes. The DFR0535 outputs are only 1A or 1.5A.

Is this likely a problem for using the DFR0535? How fast is the short circuit protection on the regulated outputs?

I was thinking I could work around this using a large capacitor as an energy buffer to smooth the current demand from the DFR0535, but then the capacitor itself would have a large inrush at startup which would trip the protection. So I'd need to limit current before the capacitor. Is there an easier solution?