Modify SEN0171 PIR sensor

userHead Account cancelled 2021-07-03 07:03:28 363 Views0 Replies

I was wanting to modify the PIR sensor. from looking online and at other PIR sensors i have some ideas but am not confident.
1)Turn off the indicator LED.
Get out my heat gun and tweezers and remove?
2)Change the Time-On delay.
Modify the R1 and R2 resistors. again heat gun tweezers and surface mount solder. but how would one find values?
3)Change sensor distance
This i have no idea...
4)Make it non-retriggering.
No idea also... and my device wont wake from sleep if it was high when it goes into hibernation... think i need to have an external pull-down on the WKP (but that's another problem)

If anyone has any hints how to solve this please let me know! :D