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Cherokey 4WD Mobile Robot

userHead nahidalam 2013-07-09 07:37:43 8114 Views5 Replies
Hi All,
Did anyone use Cherokey 4WD Mobile Robot?
The product page says it is compatible with Arduino UNO etc. How do you attach an Arduino here?
2013-07-28 17:58:59 didn't see your message earlier!

What was it?
userHeadPic Jose
2013-07-28 06:58:58 ah, got it. works  :) userHeadPic nahidalam
2013-07-27 13:40:11 So I assembled the kit, connected wires & put the sample code in the wiki. But the motors are not moving. Here is what I did.

-GND & VCC from the battery pack is connected to the power in (beside on/off switch). Turn on the switch turns all the LED on. so I think no issue with the power source.
-two wires from each motor are connected to M1, M2, M3, M4
-arduino power connected
-D4-D7, RXD->RX, TXD->TX from the board to arduino connected

But the car is not moving. Anything else I need to do? Where do you press key to control forward/backward etc?
userHeadPic nahidalam
2013-07-27 07:40:09 Thanks Jose.

I got the kit. Trying to connect the Arduino UNO. Looking like the kit has less number of screw hex head than needed as I want the arduino to sit on the board properly.

The screw this kit has is metric. Looked at local stores for hex head (nuts), but none fits. Any idea if below item will fit?
http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route= ... fMHGY1O-So
userHeadPic nahidalam
2013-07-09 09:37:36 Hi Nahidalam

Cherokey has drilling holes to place your board on it, you can take a look at the wiki page:
http://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/C ... U:ROB0102)

Since it integrates a motor controller on board, you just need some wiring from Cherokey pins to your controller board of choice,  that is 4 cables to connect the motors and 2 for Xbee.

userHeadPic Jose