SIM7000 http example stuck

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Got the DFRobotSIM7000HTTP Arduino example working to the point where it prints out the following line:

After that nothing happens. I see from the code that it should continue and print out some more messages if everything works properly. How should I debug this? What seems to be the problem?

If the http post is successful or unsuccessful the code should print messages accordingly, but it does nothing.

Here is the whole printout which I see in the terminal:
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Turn ON SIM7000......
Turn ON !
Set baud rate......
Set baud rate:19200
Check SIM card......
Set net mode......
Set GPRS mode
Get signal quality......
signalStrength =31
Attaching service......
Attach service
Init http......
HTTP init !
2022-06-27 21:51:36

Nice post! 

userHeadPic Gregorymiller
2022-06-27 11:44:13

Hi! It is recommended that you use the AT instructions to query the status and send a request through the AT instructions.

userHeadPic Tonny12138
2022-06-27 11:43:12
userHeadPic Tonny12138