DFPlayer Mini audio quality issues (tinny/no bass), and how to fix

userHead Account cancelled 2022-01-28 07:03:53 699 Views1 Replies
I know a lot of people are using these boards for lo-fi purposes, but I figured hey, why not make an actually good MP3 player?

Only problem is, the sound coming out of the DAC_L and DAC_R pins was severely lacking in low frequencies, even with good audio equipment otherwise it was like listening to the worst smartphone speakers you could imagine.

So the problem was that the coupling capacitors in series with DAC_L and DAC_R pins were too low value - 0.1 uf. Coupling capacitors of smaller values strongly attenuate low frequencies. If you're having this issue, desolder these two SMD caps, replace them with a wire/solder bridge/0 ohm resistor, and then use external 10 uf coupling capacitors (if you use polarized caps, the positive terminal attaches to the DFPlayer).

This makes the DFPlayer much closer to "hi-fi", although I have yet to tame the clicking noises caused by SD card access. One problem at a time.
2022-04-14 09:55:15

Thanks for sharing 

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