Changing behavior of SEN0366 laser distance sensor .. is it possible?

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I've bought 2x SEN0366 laser distance sensors with the intention of continuously measuring walked distance (back and forth along a line over 30m).

I can get good distance measurements out of both sensors, but they are slow, reporting a measure every one second or so -- that's fine though ... I can use that, except ...

... if the target is moving towards or away from the sensor (which it is), the sensor will return no measurement at all, it seems to wait for a stable measure and the laser blinks.

How can I change this behavior? ...I just want a many measure as quickly as possible. I'm perfectly fine with the loss of precision in distance (anything +/- a meter is fine) and I can sort out bad measurements in the Arduino code, rather than having the sensor do it.

The sensor came with an Auto Programmer USB-TTL but no information about how to use it. Your wiki makes me no wiser.

I'm running the Arduino IDE (1.8.19) with the example sketch provided in DFRObots wiki: ... KU_SEN0366 -- Uno and Nano both work fine (as long as the target is immobile)

Can this be fixed using this sensor, or did I buy the wrong one? ...if so, which one should I have bought?

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Soren - Denmark
2023-05-30 10:19:03

the usb-ttl need driver…where can i download??

jenna wrote:

Please check the driver corresponding to the usb-ttl module.

pls check: How to Install CH340 Drivers - SparkFun Learn

2023-05-31 09:57:23
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2022-06-27 11:13:18

Hi! Through the USB-TTL module, you can connect the sensor to the computer and use the serial port debugging software to configure the sensor parameters. The communication protocols provided in the wiki can help you modify the data return interval.

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art.mox wrote:

how do you connect to the computer where do you find the “serial port debugging software”


2023-06-11 04:35:20
xingzhao.zhu wrote:


You can connect the sensor's RX pin to the USB-TTL module's TX and vice-versa. Then download MobaXterm or you can find a “Serial Debug Assistant” app that you would like to use through the Microsoft app store. 


2023-06-12 16:10:57
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