Delta: How to auto boot when power up

userHead Account cancelled 2022-02-25 07:52:17 2372 Views1 Replies
I recently received LattePanda Delta 432 from Digikey and trying to figure out how to auto boot up when +12V power on.

I checked the BIOS and could not find feature that done that and there no WatchDog feature from earlier discussion (maybe for V1?).

The power switch SW next D13 LED, how to use it?

I open for suggestion.

2022-05-07 14:47:24

Hi sir, pls check the following tutorial to set auto-power-on on your Delta.

(Pls double check the version of your LattePanda Delta before download.)


Short-circuiting SW pin and GND pin can switch on/off LattePanda.

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