Leonardo + SIM808 board SSL error

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Hi all,
I bought an Arduino Leonardo with SIM808 from this site.
I read that SIM808 supports SSL, and the AT command to use is AT+HTTPSSL=1, but when I use it, it responds ERROR (also using AT+HTTPSSL=? or AT+HTTPSSL?), and if I try to send a message to my server in https, it responds with 601 code.
SIM card is correctly connected to the network.

The SKU/Model id of my SIM808 module is S2-1060C-Z1F03.

How can I do?
Thank you.
2017-08-01 16:51:57 Thank you for your reply,
I followed the steps, HTTPINIT returns OK even though HTTPSSL returns ERROR.

Now I don't know how to update the firmware. Can you help me?

Thank you
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2017-08-01 16:25:17 You need to check if your SIM808 support SSL, you can do the following steps:
1. Initial HTTP: AT+HTTPINIT, if it returns OK, then done;
2. send AT+HTTPSSL=?, if return +HTTPSSL:(0-1), then it has the SSL function, if returns ERROR, then the firmware doesn't have SSL function
You need to update the firmware to the one support SSL
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