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Adding files to the uPy_lib section of the IDE...

userHead denis340 2017-07-19 22:36:54 4078 Views0 Replies
I'm definitely a newbie at both uPython and the uPyCraft IDE so... Anyway I've download a script pcd8544.py that is meant to handle communication with a Nokia5110 LCD. I can load it onto the PyBoard but I must write more code to interact with the functions within the pcd8544.py. My question, is there a simple way to add the pcd8544.py script so it appears in the uPy_lib section that appears in the upper left section of the IDE so I can just import it like the other LCD scripts that are found there. That way I can write custom code without worrying about inadvertently changing the content of pcd8544.py file while I'm struggling just to figure out how to code with uPython. For now if I try to use import pcd8544.py in my test file I get the error message: ImportError: no module named 'pcd8544.py'

Thanks Denis