Is my LCD Keyboard Shield fault/defecting?

userHead alb.delrio 2017-08-06 08:57:08 1763 Views2 Replies

I've bought an LCD Keyboard Shield and received it these days, but I'm wondering if it's a faulted one.
I have an Arduino Uno R3 powered via USB from my PC, and when I attach the shield to the Arduino, the display doesn't show anything, and the"power on" and LED(pin 13) led on the Arduino switch off...
If I detach the shield, the Arduino works again...
Do I have a fault/defected LCD Keyboard Shield?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


2017-08-24 18:16:39 Hi
Have you send it back? did you use the DFR0009 keypad shield? Could you provide a picture of the shield?
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2017-08-09 03:55:39 Anybody could please reply to my request, before I send back my shield to the vendor?

Any help would be appreciated!!!


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