Problem Installing DFRobot_TCS34725 library

userHead Account cancelled 2017-08-08 17:29:32 1221 Views1 Replies
I'm slightly new to Arduino, and I am trying to do a project with the dfrobot tcs34725 colour sensor.
The thing is, that when I try to include the library in arduino, that dfrobot gives at the bottom of this page: ... U:_SEN0212
Arduino IDE tells me that the zip file contains no library. (I had to convert it to zip previously, because when you download it, its a rar file).

Could anyone try it?
or if anyone has already tried it, tell me what can i do?

Thank you in advance

*Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, I am not english native.
2017-08-24 18:27:15 After you unzipped the file, you need to put the file to the libraries document in the installed Arduino file. ... mdzF9H0%7C
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