Gravity: Heart Rate Monitor Sensor for Arduino, ECG or PPG?

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I'm currently working on the SEN0203 Heart Rate Sensor.
I would like to know whether the signal plotted under Analog mode on the Arduino Serial Plotter is an ECG(Electrocardiography) signal or PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) signal?
Since the sensor is developed based on PPG techniques, I assume that the signals obtained are PPG signals but from the wiki page : ... U:_SEN0203 it stated that the sensor is actually plotting ECG signals.
PPG and ECG require different analyzing technique so any help is much appreciated! :D
2017-09-29 15:53:18 Hi
First, I need to apologize for limit of the concept of PPG and ECG. So there might be some mistake about what I say.
Here, the theorem of this heart rate sensor is PPG, and the serial monitor show the analog signal of the output. while in the part that use LCD display the heart rate and ECG, here what ECG want to express is the diagram show the signal, I don't think it about any technology for measurement, it's just convert the output of the sensor to display on the screen.
You're welcomed to point out any problem I said above.
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