My Latte Panda 4G/64G eMMc is a piece of shit.

userHead Account cancelled 2017-09-26 08:44:55 6099 Views1 Replies
This thing never worked. Got hung up in the install and that was it. I've found the fix on dfrobot but I didn't pay $150 to fucking fix something. I want a replacement that works or a refund. Who the fuck do I contact? Because there isn't an obvious email for returns.

150$ paper weight that has just sat in the box since I bought it. Like I said, yeah, I can fix it, but I didn't purchase something broken.

Who do I contact? I'm so pissed.
2017-09-26 16:05:41 Hi
Can I ask what is the problem you got? If you want a replacement or refund, you can contact the online store: [email protected], if you have any question, you can contact the tech support: [email protected]
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