Any chance of having a microsd card interface on the Edison IO Expansion Shield?

userHead ezacarias 2017-10-01 00:25:51 6392 Views0 Replies
I'm new around here and was interested in purchasing the Edison IO Shield:

The product looks great, and seems like a very solid alternative to the official breakout boards. In fact, I'd say it's superior in terms of achieving a perfect balance between simplicity and features, if it were not for one little detail: The SD card interface pins are not connected. Not even straight into a header! I frankly don't understand the thought process behind that decision, but it seems like a big waste of a nice peripheral option from the module.

So, Is there any chance of having a new revision with at the very least a header to access to the native SD interface from the Edison core? A microsd card slot + level shifter would be perfect, but even a direct connection (with or without voltage conversion) would be good enough.