What is the stall current of the Micro Metal motor- 6V

userHead martin.sivertsen 2017-10-02 17:03:15 2788 Views2 Replies

Hello, I am designing a PCB and would like to find out what the stall current of the motor mentioned in the title is.
I am using two of these motors and would like to lay down a PCB-trace that handles the stall current from both with room to spare.

Link to the motor in question:

2023-03-17 05:38:02

Hi, I am designing also a PCB, but for the following motor


- Micro Metal Geared motor w/Encoder - 6V 530RPM 30:1  (ITEM FIT0481)



does someone know if this also apply ?





userHeadPic Enrique.Vidal
2017-10-02 19:27:39 I went ahead and measured it myself.
The current with no load was 54 mA and the stall current was ~480 mA.
So there you have it, in case anyone else should wonder in the future.
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