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userHead Account cancelled 2017-10-13 20:29:01 7020 Views3 Replies

I would like to know from which source the firmware was compile and if by any chance I can work with the person that build the binary (paid contract). Thanks !

Benoit Despatis, P.Eng.
2018-03-06 05:41:06 Hi,
with firmware version from dfrobot upycraft I2C does not work!
I2C.scan() returns no i2c devices.
we use an esp32 board with oled ssd1306 connected pin 15 scl, pin 4 sda, pin 16 rst.

please help us to localize the problem.
userHeadPic werkstatt
2018-03-06 00:06:50 hi,
tried to install newest original binary from micropython. afterwards no communication to board possible.
userHeadPic werkstatt