ESP32 & DFR0529

userHead FriedrichBarth 2022-04-24 04:14:24 1082 Views3 Replies

Hello, unfortunately I am not able to get the lcd screen on the esp 32 to work. On an arduino uno it wasn't a problem.


Does anyone have an example code and a plug-in plan that I can try out?


Thanks very much


2023-02-09 23:16:36

Does the provided library support ESP32? I am not sure. Hope dfrobot team will come up with a solution. Anyway, if you ever consider a simpler alternative, you can consider using 3.5" TFT display has a resolution of 320x480 and is driven by the ST7796 controller.

userHeadPic bidrohini.bidrohini
2023-02-09 17:42:43


I think it could be related to SPI communication, could you kindly share the exact ESP32 development board you use?

The definition of SPI pin is different from ESP32 to Arduino, you may have to check the datasheet of your board.

Hope it can help

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2022-05-05 10:29:22


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