HuskeyLens Object Tracking

userHead MarcusO'Brien 2022-05-30 08:08:42 458 Views1 Replies

I want my robot to be able follow an object, so I have chosen a shape that is easy to recognize, and the Huskylens with Object Tracking enabled. 


I put Huskylens to Object Tracking and enabled Lean Enable, then I press down the training button and the yellow box pops up on the screen. I move my object around and Huskylens detects it drawing a yellow box around it (when tracking), and sometimes a blue box (when learning). 


When I think its learnt the shape I stop pressing the training button. 


I continue to move the object around the screen to finalize learning. 


Then I turn off Learn Enable, and turn off auto save. 


Now I sometimes get a yellow box drawn on the screen and it tracks the object, but other times there is no yellow box, and it is not tracking anything. 


My question is …


After training an object tracking network, and then disabling learning, is Huckylens supposed to draw a yellow rectangle on the screen as its looking for the object ? Or does it never draw the yellow rectangle unless its in learn enabled ?

2022-06-01 13:49:27

Hi,if there is no orange-yellow square in the center of the screen, it means that HuskyLens has already learned an object and has not recognized the previously learned object. This function can only track one object. It is recommended to turn on the "Auto Save Model" switch, and track objects while relearning to improve the tracking effect.

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