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USB Debugging (AT command)

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 I have bought TEL0097 shield. 

The communication with the ARDUINO and Monitor is done by SERIAL. 

I can send order between ARDUINO and shield TEL0097 (SIM808) thank's method SIM808 (sim808.init() for example).


I wish to send AT command but I don't understand what .ino I have to download :   

“download a sample code Blink to make sure the serial port is not occupied” ??????



I plugged the SHIELD on ARDUINO, and I don't want to use shire cable between arduino and the SHIELD to use SERIAL for communication with monitor and mySerial as SoftwareSerial.


Could you send me the simple arduino code for test AT COMMAND


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2023-03-03 16:05:08


You do not have to upload ino function while using AT command, Just initial, that is enough.

AT command rely on serial port only. So please feel free to use it.

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