DFR0760 Speech Synthesis V2 Not changing voices

userHead MarkSchiff 2022-06-15 22:04:57 2025 Views5 Replies

I have an Arduino UNO connected to DFR0760 Speech Synthesis V2  that will not changing voices no matter

which voice I select to compile for.  No error messages just the same female voice.  I can change volume no problem. 

Below is the program that I am using taken from V2 lib I2C example.  Please advise:


* @file i2c.ino
* @brief Control speech synthesis sensor via I2C, and synthetise speech 
* @copyright   Copyright (c) 2010 DFRobot Co.Ltd (
* @licence     The MIT License (MIT)
* @author [fengli]([email protected])
* @version  V1.0
* @date  2020-11-6
* @get from
* @url
#include "DFRobot_SpeechSynthesis_V2.h"
DFRobot_SpeechSynthesis_I2C ss;
void setup() {
 //Init speech synthesis sensor
 //Set voice volume to 5
 //Set playback speed to 5
 //Set tone to 5
 //For English, speak word 

void loop() {
 ss.speak(F("She sells seashells by the seashore"));
 ss.speak(F("Hello, I'm Speech Synthesis module"));
 ss.speak(F("a b c d e f g"));

 /*Use text control identifier*/
 //Voice volume identifier 
 //ss.speak(F("[v3]Hello [v8]world"));
 //Word Pronounce mode identifier 
 //ss.speak(F("[h1]Hello [h2]world"));

2023-09-16 10:46:55

Is there a planned update so support changing to male voice?

userHeadPic Stephen.Ventriglia
2023-07-12 23:21:15

I bought this module and connected to the arduino. I have tried the above code, but there's no audio output…….also the code is successfully being uploaded in the arduino without any errors.The only issue is, there's no speech or voice output from the dfr0760 module………can anyone help me out with this?

userHeadPic abhishek.reddy
jenna wrote:



It is recommended that you refer to the wiki and try the I2C communication of the module.


1. switch to I2C





SCL(Blue vire)---SCL




3.upload the example



2023-07-13 18:14:35
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2023-07-10 01:16:56

Just purchased and all seems good so far….with this exception. Is this fixed yet?

userHeadPic darobins
2022-06-24 01:24:58

On 06/22/2022 I contacted Tech Support with a copy of the DFR0760 not changing voices and got the following response: 

*************************Hi, Thank you for contacting DFRobot Technical Support team. Sorry, our V2 library file has not yet added the code related to the speaker

 and tone, but we will continue to update it later.




Okay, I am very happy at this time with the quick Tech Support response and information. .

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