userHead ErkanGovce 2022-06-22 18:40:09 691 Views4 Replies

Greetings, I need to make changes to the necessary code to run dfr0558 with arduino mega pro mini. arduino pro mini d20 works via d21 pins but i can't receive data


error : class DFRobot_MAX31855' has no member named 'scan'

2023-02-07 10:25:16


I find the example code in our library, please try this.


That should work.



userHeadPic Tonny12138
2023-02-07 10:22:18


Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have check the library of MAX31855, could you please change the code max31855.scan(); to max31855.begin();

There is an error on our demo code, we will fix it soon.

Hope it can help.


userHeadPic Tonny12138
2023-02-06 23:26:13

Hi there, I'm getting the same issue using a Arduino UNO, any suggestions?

userHeadPic Terry.Keenan
2023-01-17 14:55:00


Sorry, please use the board in the compatibility table. This appears to be caused by an incompatibility between the code and the board.

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