Gravity I2C Oxygen Sensor (SKU SEN0322). Drift??

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I'm developing a network of low-power consumption air sensors.  I'm using this sensor with a 3.7V battery where the power supply is switched on-off, in order to lower the consumption.  When it is switched on, it waits 20 seconds in order to reach the correct value as indicated in the datasheet of the sensor (not the module) and then, several measures are taken before it is switched off again.  These actions are repeated every 5 minutes and I can see an important drift that in a couple of hours can exceed the free air concentration value of 20.9%.  Here is a plot of that drift.




Anyone can help me?



Thank you!!!

2022-07-01 16:08:01

Hi! What controller are you using?

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DavidMoure wrote:


Hi! I'm using my own board with a microchip pic with low power consumption technology.  I was using the example for Arduino from the sensor wiki page, ported to my controller of course.  The behavior shown in the previous plot is using that code. Writing my own code for reading the sensor I've got it to work.


Now the sensor responds correctly.



The blue vertical line is nothing to speak of.


Thank you ver much!



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Hi! This sensor needs to be warmed up for about 3 minutes each time it is officially launched. In your low power project, it is recommended to control the power consumption by turning on the low power mode of the motherboard, or you can choose another oxygen sensor to implement the project. 

Gravity: O2 Sensor (Calibrated) - I2C & UART link :

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DavidMoure wrote:



I powered the sensor continuously, without switching off the power supply, then the sensor start measuring correctly but it started to drift again.  Here is a plot of that drift after power it continuously.




The power supply is constant all time


I don't know why it happens, any clue about that?




2022-06-28 16:23:44
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