Gravity (NH3 and H2S) Gas Sensors

userHead pr.dipalma 2022-06-28 15:31:47 269 Views1 Replies

Hello everybody,

I'm working with gas sensors to monitor composting exhausted air. I was very excited for testing the NH3 and H2S Gravity sensors, but I was facing instability issues for both.

During the hourly measurements sometimes I record very high concentration peak, totally out the range of concentration admitted by the sensors.

The sensors are connected by I2C and powered up by an esp32 board using the 3.3 Vout pin.

Has anyone encountered similar problems?

I'm also using the infrared Co2 gravity sensor in the multiple gases system, connected by UART and this sensor works very well. In this case the power supply is an external 5V, as indicated in the Wiki.

Thanks for your collaboration and look forward to have any suggestion.



2022-07-06 09:50:35

Hi, Have you ever tried using 5V power? Occasionally the output high data is about much more than the normal data, if it is convenient, could you plz send a screenshot of the serial port?

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