My Bluno Beetle doesn't respond to any of commands

userHead HyunBinHan 2022-07-22 00:59:54 982 Views2 Replies

Hello, I have old Bluno Beetle I purchased few years ago and decided to use it on my project. It does work, and I'm able to write arduino sketches. However It is currently only able to function as “arduino uno”, meaning it seems to have lost all “bluno capabilities”.
Both “+++” and “AT” does not return OK, and any commands I feed it also does not return OK. Serial port does work.

2022-07-22 01:05:48

It was just configuration error of Arduino IDE, re-selecting same options fixed it :facepalm:

userHeadPic HyunBinHan
2022-07-22 01:03:50

Btw I forgot to say that I did set baudrate to 115200, and line ending to BOTH NL & CR

userHeadPic HyunBinHan