Husky Lens UART not working with Arduino

userHead paulnation 2022-07-23 03:28:36 257 Views2 Replies

So I used the sample code “HUSKYLENS_GET_STARED.ino” provided with the husky lens library to check if the UART mode works. When I open the serial monitor the Arduino just outputs what is seen in the picture below. The schematic and part I used are below, I do not know where to start to fix this problem.

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2022-07-23 13:53:21

Hello paulnation,

In your code, the monitor serial port is initialized at 115200, but in the monitor display you have speed selection set to 9600. Need to make it also 115200.

userHeadPic tguneysu
2022-07-23 03:47:32

Is there a way to check if the husky lens is defective?

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