GETGPS.ino sim808 shield GPS not getting COORDINATE

userHead AntonioMariani 2022-07-25 18:05:26 964 Views1 Replies


Hello Guys,


I used your examples "SIM808_SendSMS.ino" and "GetGPS.ino"  just downloaded.


When I run ,  the serial monitor shown me only these istruction and not get coordinates:


11:27:24.120 -> AT

11:27:24.167 -> AT+CFUN=1

11:27:24.214 -> AT+CPIN?

11:27:24.964 -> AT+CGNSPWR=1

11:27:25.198 -> AT+CGNSTST=1

11:27:25.245 -> Open the GPS power success


What's the trouble?





2022-11-02 10:34:55

Hi, GPS needs to be out in the open to get a reading, if the GPS antenna has been placed in the open, wait a few minutes, the correct GPS location data output. 

userHeadPic Winster