SEN0508 - pull-up resistor required?

userHead TomCook 2022-08-04 23:50:38 1102 Views2 Replies

Can someone please confirm that the SEN0508 non-contact liquid level sensor requires a pull-up resistor?  This is what the Arduino sample code seems to suggest but I'm not familiar enough with Arduino to say for sure.  I can't see it mentioned anywhere else in the documentation.




2023-02-02 11:09:08

Hi, Tom

For Arduino development board, it's has inbuilt pull-up resistor, so there is no need for an external one.

Hope it can help.

userHeadPic Tonny12138
2022-08-05 19:24:46

Experimentation seems to suggest that yes, it does.  And part of the problem was that I had it connected to an ESP32 pin that doesn't have an internal pull-up resistor.

userHeadPic TomCook