DFPlayer Mini [DFR0299] - buttons to play specific files

userHead RussellCompton 2022-08-09 06:11:26 297 Views1 Replies



I want to use this as a standalone module for a small device.


I want to use two buttons. Each one would play a specific file.

 - Button 1 - play file1.mp3

 - Button 2 - play file2.mp3


I was not sure how to wire the board to meet this requirement or if it is possible to do with this board.


Thank you for any help or pointers.

2022-08-09 11:40:25

Hi, Maybe you can add a master control to achieve this function better, connect the MP3 module and button to the master control. Edit the logic in the code: when reading the button high level, play filE1.mp3

userHeadPic Winster