pH Sensor FAQ【SEN0161/SEN0169】

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Q1:Why is my sensor not reading/reading inaccurately? Why does the sensor output nan?

A1:Please check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the power supply voltage range of your sensor (SEN0161 only supports 5V power supply)Please clear the EEPROM of the main board and re-upload the Wiki sample code and calibrate it; please check the version of your PH sensor and upload the correct code (the library file code of different versions of the PH sensor is different); after the adapter board is wet, the reading may not be correct. Accurate, please re-measure after heating the adapter plate with a hair dryer.


Q2: What is the difference between the normal version and the PRO version of the PH sensor?

A2: The PH sensor is mainly divided into the ordinary version and the PRO version. The ordinary version of the probe needs to be powered off for cleaning after a certain period of time; the PRO version uses an experimental-grade probe, so it can measure water quality data continuously for 7*24 hours; in addition, the accuracy of the Pro version is also higher than that of the normal version.


Q3: What should I do if the probe attachment of the newly purchased sensor has white solids?

A3: The bottle cap of the probe contains protective liquid (3.3mol/L KCL). Even if the bottle cap is screwed tightly, some protective liquid may still leak around some bottle caps, forming white crystals, but as long as the bottle cap is still protected It will not affect the life and accuracy of the electrode, please use it with confidence. It is recommended that the white crystals be poured back into the protective solution in the cap.


Q4:Can I extend the probe's cable?

A4: The store does not sell extension cords. You can try extending/replacing the wire, but poor quality wire and poor wire contact may affect data accuracy.


Q5:Where are the contacts of the BNC input interface located?



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