mango pi R3 128 MB NAND Flash

userHead MarcusO'Brien 2022-08-11 14:43:12 149 Views1 Replies

After burning the v0.2 Camera FW and UBoot binaries I can now boot and log in to linux on my Mango Pi R3. 


I can not connect via SSH though from Windows. I can see the IP address via the UART serial terminal as - but trying to connect via MobaXterm, Putty or any other SSH terminal results in fail to connect.


I changed the driver via the Device Manager so I can see the device listed as USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget - but can not connect to it, can anyone provide anything else I can try ?


2022-08-11 14:53:00

Actually I now got it working in Putty - wasnt working before but maybe reboot device helped. MobaXterm and terra term still dont work - but at least I am up and running now.

userHeadPic MarcusO'Brien