Obj Learn and Obj Name uses different length ID numbers

userHead tguneysu 2022-08-27 15:06:04 783 Views0 Replies

In the following two commands, the object ID field is two different lengths:


Learn: uses a 2-byte ID number.

Name: uses a 1-byte ID number.


If one LEARNS an object with a 2-byte value (which is possible, and executes OK), then it is NOT possible to assign a name to that object with the obj ID created earlier. One gets an error.


Please SYNCH the two ID fields so that same byte-count ID numbers are possible.


- Learn the current recognized object on screen with a chosen ID


Data details:

Data      Function

0x01      Given ID, see ID Details above (Low Byte of 1 = 0x0001)

0x00      Given ID, see ID Details above (High Byte of 1 = 0x0001)



- Set a custom name for a learned object.


Data details:       Name: TEST

Data      Function

0x01      Given ID of object