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Detect 'paused' state on DFPlayer Pro (DFR0768)

userHead MarkLucas 2022-09-02 22:50:16 297 Views1 Replies

Can anyone suggest a way to query the DFPlayer Pro (via AT commands) to see if it's in the ‘paused’ state.


I can't see any documented way to determine this via the AT commands described on the product wiki.  The closest I can think of is to query the current track's total duration and current position.  If they're the same then playback has completed.  But this doesn't handle all cases (such as pausing a track half way through).


Any ideas?




2023-02-24 15:04:31


Sorry, the DFPlayer Pro (DFR0768) do not have AT command to detect whether the playing state is paused or not. You can only query the play mode.

Yes, your direction is right, you can compare the time of the current track's duration and current position, but I am afraid you can not handle all the cases, due to the limation of the library.

Maybe you can modify the library yourself.

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