FireBeetle 2 ESP32-E IoT Microcontroller FAQ【DFR0654】

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Q1:Why are the onboard buttons unavailable?

A1:In the code, D4 (the port corresponding to the button) needs to be pulled up. 

code show as below:


Q2:Why is the onboard RGB light only white light?

A2:Please use the esp32-E board link provided in the tutorial, and download and load the FastLED library in the attachment.

attachment 01:FastLED-master.zip


Q3:How to supply power externally?

A3:Power supply 3.3-5V through vin, gnd interface.


Q4:Can powering through vin, gnd power the battery?

A4:The battery can only be charged through the usb port.


Q5:Unable to upload the program, error: connecting........


1. Check the quality of the data cable
2. After the program is compiled, press the RST button.


Q6:the driver is not installed automatically after plugging into the device

A6:Windows——click to download the CH340 driver program

Mac——click to download the CH340 driver program


Q7:High power consumption is measured in low power mode.

A7:Please disconnect the low-power pad of the motherboard, the default pad is connected, use a knife to gently scrape the middle of the fine line can be disconnected, disconnected can reduce 500μA static power consumption, through the program control master into the sleep mode can reduce power consumption to 13μA. Note: After the pad is disconnected, only USB power supply can drive RGB lights.


Q8:touchAttachInterrupt does not work with the FireBeetle 32-E board as the target in the Arduino IDE but works fine with the Node32S board selected as the target.

A8:Hi! Please try adding this board link to the Boards Manager URLs and choose ESP32 Arduino->ESP32 Dev Module.


DFRobot is updating firebeetle esp32-e sdk.


Q9:Using the RGB code, the RGB indicator always appears white.

A9:Download other FastLED libraries or use the board address mentioned in A8 above.



If you have other questions, just feel free to post them in our forum for consultation. We will reply them as soon as possible and improve the product FAQ gradually.





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