Analog Water Pressure Sensor FAQ【SEN0257】

userHead Winster 2022-09-19 17:28:06 3317 Views0 Replies

Q1:What is the actual range of the sensor?

A1:Due to the replacement of the sensor version, the current measurement range of the sensor is 0-1.6mpa

This is the same range for all subsequent products.

Due to inventory reasons, the sticker has not been updated in time. Please refer to the data provided by Wiki.


Q2 :Can I extend/shorten the sensor wiring by myself? 

A2:Yes you can. However, please use a high quality extension cord, too long or poor quality wire may cause partial pressure, resulting in inaccurate sensor reading.



If you have other questions, just feel free to post them in our forum for consultation. We will reply them as soon as possible and improve the product FAQ gradually.