Throw-in Type Liquid Level Transmitter FAQ【KIT0139】

userHead Winster 2022-09-22 16:28:59 3018 Views0 Replies

Q1:Why are there some differences in readings at different temperatures?

A1:The sensor uses silicon components, which will have a certain temperature drift phenomenon. 

For more accurate measurement, it is recommended to use a temperature close to 25℃.


Q2:Why is there a discrepancy between my reading and the actual depth?

A2:The wiki maps the measurements for user understanding, but the sensor probe's sensing diaphragm is not at the bottom, but near the nut. 

The error range of the sensor is 5000*0.5%=25mm, which is suitable for some scenarios with larger depth.

Q3:The sensor intermittently outputs very high values ​​during measurement.

A3:Please check whether your power supply is stable, this phenomenon is due to the clutter value generated by the power supply.


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