Problems to detect Romeo V2.2

userHead HugoPuentes 2022-10-11 23:53:29 1515 Views3 Replies

Hello, i got a Romeo v2.2 R3, i think its not original, theres an url but it doesn't works.
The problem with my romeo is that windows detect the device under libusb-win32, and not under the com ports, here is an image:

i've already installed the DFrobot avr boards for arduino, and still can use it, here's an picture of the board.

2022-10-25 10:22:20

Hi! Did you install the driver? What version of windows system are you using?

1. Download the win10 driver installation package (unzip and click on amd64):

2. Other installation methods:

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2022-10-17 15:52:00

Hi! Do you have any other questions during the use of Romeo? Can you upload the code successfully?

Microcontroller: ATmega32U4Bootloader: Arduino Leonardo

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HugoPuentes wrote:

Hi, i can't use romeo, and i'm selecting Arduino leonardo and nothing, idk why it just doesn't works

2022-10-23 00:07:11
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