FireBeetle-ESP32 vs 32e

userHead RobertNeil 2022-10-16 01:48:13 1187 Views2 Replies

The Arduino IDE sometimes forgets what board you have. I made a very small program change and lost all functionality. I wanted to look at the serial monitor debugging information, but it was all gibberish. I had the board set to FireBeetle ESP32, but it needed to be FireBeetle ESP-32-E. There were no compile or upload error messages. It cost me a few hours of frustration.

2023-02-24 10:43:32


Sorry, ESP32 and ESP32-E are quite similar in architecture and actually, most of their functionality is completely the same. Thats the reason why IDE can not get a warning or error in uploading and compiling. Please just check the board carefully before uploading your code. Sorry for the inconvenience.

userHeadPic NeloKin
2022-10-18 15:48:38

Hi! We only tested on RaspberryPi4 and it works. Sorry, we have not tested with other versions of Raspberry Pi.

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