Sensor H2S not respoding?

userHead Dilan.Rhaj 2022-10-19 15:54:53 1648 Views1 Replies

Hi guys,


I test the H2S gas sensor, but it not responding. I use UART serial port protocol. I setup as the manual setup but I still did not get response from sensor. I use baud rate 9600, data bits 8, check bit 1. I try to communicate with sensor but no response. Also I preheating the sensor for 24 hours but remains same. 


Any help how to get response from sensor to serial port communication?

2022-10-21 09:24:44

Hi! Please dial the DIP switch SEL on the sensor to 1 and power on again, the sensor will use uart mode. The baud rate of the serial port in the sample code is 115200. May I ask what board are you using? Where are the TX and RX of the sensor connected to the board?

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