userHead kujurang 2022-11-08 14:45:07 1365 Views1 Replies

I want to measure pH with SEN0161.

After adjusting the offset with the pH 7 standard solution, pH 3 is measured when put into the pH 4 standard solution. I heard that if I adjust the gain potential device, I can get the exact value. I'm curious about how to do it in detail. (I used this sample code.)

2022-11-11 15:27:25

Please refer to step 4 of the calibration procedure in the wiki: Insert the pH electrode into the calibration solution with a pH of 4.00, wait one minute, and adjust the gain potentiometer so that the printed pH is as stable as possible around 4.00. At this point, the calibration of the acid section is complete and you can test the pH of the acid solution.

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