Some General LattePanda FAQ

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Q1. Why doesn't the fan of my LattePanda turn on?

A1:The fan interface on the LP of the V1 version will provide voltage for the fan to rotate when the motherboard is powered on, while the fan interface on other versions such as the Alpha Delta LP will automatically start and stop according to the temperature of the board

You can set the fan in the bios Start the desired temperature.https://www.lattepanda.com/forum/topic/314564


Q2. How to set the record time after power failure?

A2:LattePanda has an onboard RTC chip, and the V1 version does not have a battery slot. You can use an external 3V power supply to power the RTC as shown in the figure below. The Alpha and Delta come with a slot for the RTC coin cell.


Q3. How much current can each power supply pin of 3Delta provide?

A3:As shown below:


Q4.How can I change the startup splash screen?

A4:You can change the startup screen to Microsoft LOGO in the Bios settings, if you need to set a custom LOGO, please contact [email protected], which may require a certain customization fee.


Q5.Can the Leonardo onboard the LP be powered off after the system is shut down?

A5:The leonardo power supply cannot be shut down with the system shut down. It can only be set in the bios to be always on or always off.


Q6.Some setup tutorials on Bios.

A6:Power-on self-start bios setting tutorial


Windows turns off the power-on self-start function:


For more about LP technology and after-sales issues, you can visit LP's WIKI and LP's official Forum
WIKI: http://docs.lattepanda.com