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Bluno to commercial bluetooth speaker

userHead Account cancelled 2017-10-31 21:14:50 1923 Views1 Replies
Hello, I have recently bought a Bluno Beetle SKU:DFR0339, and I have the following questions:

I am planning to connect the beetle to a commercial audio speaker or headset. Is this possible? and how? It seems that the bluno has no feature to search available devices just like an HC-05 or 06 via AT commands.
I have tried setting the beetle as central and bind it to the audio speakers's address but the speaker remains in pairing mode.

Am I correct in assuming that the bluno can do this or should I just buy an arduino and a bluetooth module?

Please help. Thanks.
2017-11-03 18:06:17 I don't think it is possible to connect Beetle BLE to any commercial audio device, and because the transfer speed is only 4KB/s, you can't use any audio device. userHeadPic robert.chen