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SEN0192 - Maximum target speed

userHead Erry.Berry 2022-11-20 06:16:40 385 Views0 Replies


The product page for the SEN0192 digital microwave sensor states that the “Sensitivity” reception parameter is between 3Hz and 80Hz.

Does this mean that (according to the doppler effect formula f = f₀(v + vr)/(v + vs) ) the sensor can only detect presence of targets moving between around 0.3km/h and 8.2km/h? 
What happens if the target is moving faster than 8.2km/h - does it get ignored?

If I am interpreting the data correctly and the above is true, is it by any chance a matter which could be solved by modifying some band pass filter located after the IF output and the threshold detector's input to allow for higher frequencies of, say, 600Hz?

Thanks in advance.