Using Mu Vision Sensor 3 fitmware on ESP32Cam

userHead moorramatsu.Moor 2022-11-28 22:29:09 202 Views1 Replies

I'm trying to flash SEN0314[MU VISION SENSOR]'s firmware to the ESP32CAM board. The flashing was successful I used Flash Download Tools, however, can't get anything from the ESP32CAM board. I tried both, Serial and I2C. Are these boards compatible?

2023-02-23 11:58:17


MU VISION SENSOR(SKU:SEN0314) just have a library and does not have firmware. Could you please just load the library in arduino IDE and keep the original hardware of ESP32CAM.

Also, you can only use Serial to communicate the sensor thus ESP32CAM do not have I2C channels (they are used by camera).

Hope it can help.


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