SEN0395 SKU:SEN0395 - two issues created - no reaction

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Product web site / product wiki

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Product shop with interesting comments


(A) Not all sensor commands are described.

(B) Setting "outputLatency" and/or "getLatency" does not work.


I created at Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2022 two issues but got still no answer nor rection from DFROBOT.

2023-01-17 22:17:02

@Uwe.Raatz:Thanks for the feedback. You got pretty far and I understand the frustration. I'm still struggling with the communication. If I have some progress I let you know.  

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Uwe.Raatz wrote:

Please give me some time (´til next weekend or so) and I am going to provide help! 

     But please let me know which µ-controller you are using.  

      ESP32 or ESP8266?   

Its also important to know which version because the PIN out may differ! 

2023-01-18 18:00:08
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2023-01-15 16:46:37

Sorry to break into conversation:@Uwe.Raatz: Di you manage to get it running?

Thanks for a feedback

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Uwe.Raatz wrote:

Yes and no.Yes - I was able to figure out how to connect the sensor to an ESP32, wrote some code to fire all documented commands (and the above mentioned) and to get response from the sensor.No - I was not able to get it work to detect motion only in the set region like 1,5 to 3,0 meters. The sensor triggers at any motion at any distance. And once triggered the sensor does not stop to trigger. The sensor was fixed mounted, not shaked, not moved, no dust swirled around, no electric interference, no direct sunshine / infra-red radiation, etc. That was why I digged a little bit in the internet and found the above referenced, not documented commands.I stopped working on it due the fact that - there is no answer/support, - the sensor does not work as described, expected, and advertised- there are undocumented commands, and finally - magic numbers used. 

I think those are more than enough reasons to stop working on it, don't you? - and to be pissed off.

2023-01-16 13:38:15
Uwe.Raatz wrote:

In addition and just to give you an impression how fare I went:


To get out of the sensors view I wrote some ESP32 code that fires broadcast messages when ever a detection is detected.  

 On the receiver side I wrote a C# .NET Maui mobile phone application (for Android mobile phones only) to fetch those broadcast messages.


2023-01-16 13:49:43
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2022-12-16 10:28:49

Do you mean that the sensor code file does not provide the above four commands, or do you mean that you have seen these four commands in other tutorials but cannot use them?If it is the former, our current library files do not provide these commands. If you have customized requirements, please send specific requirements and customized quantities to [email protected] the latter, please send us a link so we can check.We are not native speakers of English, so we may encounter difficulties in communication, please respect and understand each other.

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Uwe.Raatz wrote:



4 commands can use them.  4 commands working fine. 4 commands not described. Please describe them!    Are there more not described commands?   When yes describe all of them.   @温斯特。     4个命令可以使用它们。    4个命令工作正常。  

4个命令没有描述。     请描述它们!          是否有更多未描述的命令?     如果有,请描述所有这些命令。    

2022-12-16 23:35:57
Uwe.Raatz wrote:


“Do you mean that the sensor code file does not provide the above four commands …”



"… or do you mean that you have seen these four commands in other tutorials but cannot use them?"



“If it is the former,  …”

No . 

"… our current library files do not provide these commands."


Library files do not provide these commands.



You are right.


But they are working fine.


They are working fine


They are not documented.

Document them.

Need datails.They are not described.They work fine.

Describe them.

See link.

They work fine.

See link.

Describe them.

Write down details.

Details from you needed.They work fine.Documentation - you - describe - write down - 4 commands - work fine - details - from you - they work fine.

"If you have customized requirements, please send specific requirements and customized quantities to [email protected] the latter, please send us a link so we can check"

Already specified.Document them / write down details / describe how they work / they work fine / see link / test it. 

2022-12-20 13:59:36
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2022-12-13 15:33:24

You are kidding me? Aren´t you?I should provide details about YOUR product?Please remember: I am the customer. You are the manufacturer.

You should know your product better than anyone else.You should provide ALL details regarding YOUR products.You should provide a COMPLETE set of commands.You should describe all of them in detail and in one place.You should be aware that I and all the other people out there pay your salary.You should react in time manner.

Again:I am the customer.You should actively act in advance.


Based on my research, I think it is legitimate to assume that there are other commands.Name and document them also!

Additionally:You use so-called magic numbers. (keywords: saving a changed configuration)For me, such magic numbers always set off all the alarm bells. Since I think they legitimately suggest that there are more/others of them.For example, those that make it possible to change the detection time span (from one second).

Consider for yourself.Could it be that situations like the one we are talking about here are the reason why I feel that Chinese products are rather ridiculed in the Western world?

So, its up to YOU.Show me and more important the community that it was worth to buy TWO of your SKU:SEN0395 sensors.

userHeadPic Uwe.Raatz
2022-12-13 09:29:06

The following four instructions:"getSensitivity""getRange""getLatency""getLedMode 1",where do you find these?

userHeadPic Winster
2022-12-13 00:40:13

@WinsterThanks for the answer.Ok. “… busy …” So I am waiting for answers.Orders? I do not understand your question. I don´t have any order.

userHeadPic Uwe.Raatz
2022-12-12 16:32:54

Hi, Sorry at present, the github platform technical support are really busy; therefore, if there is no timely reply, you can contact us in the Forum or technical support mailbox.

May I ask where you got these orders?


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