32x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel FAQ【DFR0472】

userHead Winster 2022-12-16 10:06:23 1482 Views0 Replies

Q1:The dot matrix screen cannot light up.

A1:Please check your wiring to make sure it is correct and the voltage is within the working voltage range.


Q2:After the sample code is uploaded to the dot matrix screen, the color of the screen is dim/display is abnormal (usually when one light is turned on, five lights in the same row light up together)

A2:Check the library file used, because the version of the screen is different, the library file used is different, the wiki provides two library files, please test whether it can work separately (delete the other library file when using one library file); if it still displays an exception , please replace the stable external power supply.


If you have other questions, just feel free to post them in our forum for consultation. We will reply them as soon as possible and improve the product FAQ gradually.